Apple Repairs

Apple Repairs

Computer repair Bolton specialises in an extensive virus removal service. Virus Removal is a process where malicious content (formally known as malware) is removed from a computer while every attempt is made to save data that may be potentially infected by the virus. There are thousands of viruses released every day which are designed to corrupt your computer, hackers create the viruses to do the following:

To take control of a computer and use it for specific tasks

To generate money

To steal sensitive information (credit card numbers, passwords, personal details, data, etc).

To prove a point, to prove it can be done, to prove one's skill or for revenge purposes

To cripple a computer or network

To have one of our experts rid your PC of these issues call Computer repair Bolton today. Computer repair Bolton can also download the latest AVG antivirus protection severs in order to stop the future possibility of further virus scares



We charge £40 per hour for labour on any job. Most jobs can be completed within 1 hour but sometimes..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £37.50

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