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We are fully trained and equipped technicians with more than 10 years of experience, ready to repair your Apple Laptop with confidence and professionalism. Apple products are our speciality with a huge amount of knowledge in common issues we can repair 97% of faults within 2-4 working days from receiving your Apple product. This is what creates our high success rate and customers satisfaction.

We carry most of the stock in-house for a quick turn-around and if a part needs to be ordered this is on a next day basis. From the new Mac enthusiast to the Mac experts looking to expand their knowledge, we are here to make it happen and have some fun. Our mission is to provide quality and expanding our capabilities to serve the greater value to our clients while making the process fun and easy for our clients



No Fix No Fee - always the rule!

Being an Apple repair specialist, we can repair 97% of all faults, but in some cases when the laptop has been left for some time, after water damage, corrosion can cause so much damage that the motherboard becomes economical unrepairable. This is a very rare situation but if it does happen, we won't charge you a penny for the repair even if we've spent hours on diagnosing and repairing - NO FIX NO FEE, GUARANTEE**!!!


Our Services

The Flat Fee Price Service of £99.99+vat will enable us to fix the following problems:

·         Liquid damaged

·         No response from the laptop

·         Laptop not charging

·         Laptop running slow

·         No backlight

·         Working only with charger connected

·         Fan running on full (loud) all the time

·         All battery problems

·         No Wi-Fi

·         EFI password locked

·         Touchpad or Keyboard problems

·         USB ports not working

·         Hard Drive problems

·         Any other motherboard related problems



How it Works

Click on the 'Book a Repair' button below and then we gather some information about you and your Apple product. Once we receive your product, we will start a 6-stage process:

• Pre-wash the motherboard using an Ultrasonic Cleaner using a mixture of concentrate liquids to clear away any layers of corrosion and contamination after liquid damage.

• Start diagnosing the fault using the latest testing equipment and schematics (map of the motherboard).

• Repair the problem.

• Post-wash making sure your motherboard looks and behaves brand new again.

• We also, at this point, give your laptop a bit of TLC, clean the fan, heat sink and apply new thermal paste to the CPU.

• Use an Apple Approved Diagnostic Software to make sure your laptop is running like to was before the damage.

The price for the 6-stage process is £99.99+vat including fully insured return postage back to you.

If we are unable to repair your laptop at this point, we will contact you and discuss your options. If you decide to have the laptop returned, you will receive a refund back to your PayPal account for £79.99+vat (the cost of the repair fee) If any additional parts are required which are not covered under the repair fee (keyboard, screens, cables, touchpad, batteries etc.) we will contact you first before continuing to get your authorization.

All repair work comes with a 12-month warranty against the same fault arising again.


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Apple macbook Repairs

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